On this page you can find information about the amazing herbs we use in our blends!


The queen of flowers, the rose, has been valued in many cultures for centuries. Not only for its beauty and wonderful fragrance, but also for…

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Mugwort grows in almost every meadow on the ditch side. It is related to the absinthe, but  tastes much less bitter. The herb can be…

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This well-known and therapeutic herb isn’t hard to come by: you can find it in gardens all over the world. The wonderful scents of the…

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Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaf is a perennial variety of the rose family. This plant is native to Europe and Central Asia. At present, red raspberries are…

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Damiana grows abundantly in Central and South America, Mexico and the South of the US. The healing power of Damian leaf has many sides, It…

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Peppermint, also known as garden mint, is a plant commonly found in Europe and certain temperate places in Asia. The leaves of this plant are…

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