Mugwort grows in almost every meadow on the ditch side. It is related to the absinthe, but  tastes much less bitter. The herb can be eaten as a vegetable.

Mugwort can also be smoked and has a light euphoric effect. Back in time, Mugwort was used as tobacco, or added to a tobacco blend. Smoking is said to induce lucid dreaming and enable astral traveling. Astral traveling is like an out-of-body experience. Some people say that they visit other planets in the astral world during their dreams. According to ancient folklore, Mugwort was a dream herb. You can remember dreams better. It was also used as a sleep aid by people suffering from insomnia. Mugwort was widely used as a medicinal herb. The workings of evil spirits were seen as diseases. Hysteria, epilepsy, plague, cramps and tuburculosis were cured with this herb. In Glasgow, mermaids are said to have chanted to the public about consumption, which used to be the common name for tuberculosis. The mermaids sang: You let men die in your hand, yet Mugwort grows in the land.¨


Fun fact:
Did you know people used to put Mugwort leaves in their shoes? As a result, the feet were not tired during a long foot journey.

Some Mugwort Benefits and Effects:

  • Mild euphoric effect
  • Promotes lucid dreaming and astral traveling
  • May harmonize the higher and lower self with each other
  • May help prevent psychosis
  • Helps against hysteria
  • Helps against epilepsy
  • Reduced stomach cramps

Before you plan to cure a serious condition, consult your doctor before taking any medication such as anti-depression pills.