• Do you ship to my country?
    At the moment we only have shipping options available in Europe. We ship to:
    • The Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Germany
    • Spain
    • United Kingdom
    • Italy
    • Finland
    • Cyprus
    • Portugal
    • Polen
    • Luxembourg
    • Serbia
    • Monaco
    • Lithuana
    • Iceland
    • Norway
    • Austria
    • Romania
    • Bulgaria
    • Estland
    • Denmark
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Ireland
    • Latvia
    • Croatia
    • Switzerland
    • Sweden
    • Czech Republic
    • Slovakia
  • How long does shipping take for orders?
    Typically we ship orders out by the next business day. We use PostNL Delivery, which is usually delivered in 1-3 business days for people in The Netherlands & Belgium. Everywhere else should take about a week of delivery time!
  • How much does shipping cost to my address?
    The price of the shipping cost to your location depends on where you live. You can see it on the check out page after filling in your address.
  • Can the blends be smoked in a pipe?
    Yes, our blend produces a smooth and flavorful smoke out of a pipe.
  • What is the expiration date on LuvHerbs products?
    Our products have a "best by" date of atleast 18 months after each batch is blended.  Also despite the "best by" date, herbal blends won't really expire. They may lose some quality, but thats it. If kept in good condition, the blends remain at their maximum potency for up to two years.
  • Is LuvHerbs Blend legal?
    Yes, we use no illegal ingredients, only plants and flowers from mother nature.
  • Can i smoke this with weed?
    Yes ofcourse, that's one of our main reasons we created this blend. Pot smokers should have an option to have a smoke without the addictive components from tobacco. Just put the herbs in the grinder together with your brocolli.  
  • What is LuvHerbs Blend?
    LuvHerbs Blends are mixtures of the finest herbs provided by mother nature. We offer a better alternative for Tobacco. Our blends contain no addictive chemicals like Nicotine and is free off artificial additives. You can smoke this herb just like you would roll a cigarette.
  • If i smoke this, will i get high?
    No, but you may feel a mild euphoric & relaxing effect when only smoking the herbs. Mixing it with your own Marijuana improves the high!
  • Is smoking a LuvHerbs blend healthy?
    No, smoking in any form is harmful to your lungs. Any vegetable matter that's burned produces tar, carbon monoxide and other toxins. Our blends contain no nicotine and smoking them can reduce the cravings, and eventually help smokers quit smoking.